Opale Power 1.1


Power 1.1

Looking for fast wing with a great piloting accuracy? Opale Paramodels introduce you Power 1.1! Ideal for both indoor and outdoor flights, this little fast bombshell will please as well the beginners pilots as the intermediates, or even the fanatics of strong sensations willing to perform the craziest aerobatics. Being the only singleskin wing to benefit from such a penetration in the wind, Power 1.1 gain altitude in record time. It provides besides a great handiness and a great ease of piloting for a singleskin wing, tolerating the weak loads for indoor flying conditions, and as well the strong loads for outdoor flying conditions. Equipped with a powerful motorization for aerobatic flight, Power 1.1 will take you talk to the angels.


Flat wingspan [m] / [ft]: 2.36 / 7.7
Flat area [m2] / [ft2]: 1.1 / 11.8
Ratio: 5.1
Cells: 23
Bridles: Spliced Aramid 25 & 50 daN / DFL 70
Fabrics: Nylon Ultralight 20D 32gr
Weight range [kg] / [lb]: 0.7 to 3.5 /  2.3 to 11.5


  • Backpack XS2
  • Backpack M2
  • Pilote Max


  • 1 x Power 1.1
  • 1 x bridle repair Kit
  • 1 x fabric repair Kit
  • 1 x innerbag

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